3 Most Common Air Conditioning Problems And How To Prevent Them

Summers in Maryland can range from warm to hot and humid. Although Gaithersburg is one of the coolest cities in the state, it has its share of moderately hot months. Therefore, you should always keep your air conditioner up-to-date by scheduling regular air conditioning repairs in Gaithersburg.

However, frequent HVAC repair in Gaithersburg, MD, can cost you a lot of money. Keeping that in mind, here are the three most common air conditioning problems faced by homeowners and how to prevent them. This list can help you save both your time and resources that are incurred by professional repairs.

Dirt Buildup On Coils And Filters

As harmless as it seems, dirt can be a common culprit for many problems concerning your air-conditioner. It can accumulate on air filters and coils, causing serious issues like decreased airflow. This will result in system failure due to the freezing of the unit.

To avoid this situation, we recommend regular maintenance of the air conditioning unit, including cleaning the filters and coils to prevent dirt buildup. This will ensure that your air conditioner is in optimal condition during the hot summer months.

Refrigerant Leaks

The refrigerant is the driving force of an air conditioner on which the comfort of your loved ones depends. Even a small leak in one of the refrigerant tubes can disrupt the appropriate refrigerant levels, adversely affecting the air quality.

The air conditioning unit runs smoothly when the refrigerant level recommended by the unit manufacturer is maintained. Even a slight deviation from the recommended levels can lead to system malfunction.

That is why it is recommended to schedule air conditioning repair in Gaithersburg as soon as you suspect a refrigerant leak. A trained service professional will fix the leak, thereby helping in maintaining the right refrigerant levels for optimum air conditioning. Moreover, refrigerant distribution is under the regulation of the Government.

Issues With Electric Control

The electric controls might develop a failure due to rapid turning on and off of the air conditioner. During hot and humid weather, we recommend that you let the system remain on. You can increase the AC temperature by up to 5 degrees when your home is unoccupied.

Besides electric control failure, electric malfunction in the thermostat can result in improper cooling. Other issues like poor wiring can also lead to problems. If you encounter such issues, we recommend that you immediately contact a trusted service company that provides HVAC repair in Gaithersburg, MD.

Other than the three most common air conditioning problems mentioned above, many other air conditioner issues that homeowners encounter. Condenser fan problems can happen due to dirt buildup.

System overheating and tripping of the circuit breaker can also make the air conditioner shut down. In all such cases, it is advised that you schedule regular maintenance and tune-ups for your system.

To schedule HVAC repair in Gaithersburg, MD, call us at (301) 744-4200. Our expert professionals are always ready to assist you in the best way possible.

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