Why Turning On And Off Is Bad For Your Air Conditioner

Homeowners with air conditioners are often in a dilemma whether to keep them running all day or turn them on only when required. When you come home to a stifling house on a hot summer day, you might regret not having kept the AC running. Running the air conditioner all day can lead to a surged electricity bill, but if the room is heated up due to the extreme summer temperatures, turning the AC back on in such conditions can lead to even more power consumption.

When your home becomes too hot, food in your kitchen cupboards can spoil, your refrigerator will use more energy, and the excess heat can be harmful to your pets. Furthermore, when you return home from a long day at work on a hot summer day, the air conditioner will take a long time to cool the house. If you encounter this problem, it’s time to call in AC repair in Gaithersburg, but moreover, learn to turn off the AC.

When To Turn Off The Air Conditioner?

The only time it sounds plausible to turn off your air conditioner completely is when it is cool enough outside to open your windows and let the outside air keep your home at a comfortable temperature. Here are some other ways to stay cool and save money on electricity bills:

Get A Programmable Thermostat

Rather than turning off your air conditioner, you can increase the temperature of the thermostat. By doing so, you will protect your house from bugs, mold, humidity, and excess moisture. It also helps maintain the effective functioning of the air conditioner and saves you money on any repairs.

If you are facing any issue in setting up the thermostat or need a replacement, you can call a skilled Gaithersburg air conditioning technician from a known HVAC company.

Purchase A Ceiling Fan

Fans do not necessarily cool a room, but they move air across your skin, making you feel cooler even in the hot weather. As a result, you can increase the thermostat’s temperature without cutting into comfort.

But if you think that running a ceiling fan all day will help cool the room, that is not the case as it will only be a waste of energy.

Plant Some Bushes

The more plants and trees you have around your house, the cooler your house will be. Planting large, shady bushes on the south and west sides of your residence will help alleviate the heat gain during the day.

Create Crosswinds

Another simple way to reduce the temperature of your house is by opening the windows. The less you open it, the stronger the draught, and it can also serve as a natural air freshener.

We at ADI Heating & Air provide reliable services for your air conditioner. If you have any queries concerning the maintenance of the AC, you can get in touch with our team of professional technicians. If you want an appointment to get your air conditioner checked by a good AC service company, call us at (301) 774-4200 or mail us at [email protected].

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