How Do You Know If Your Air Conditioning Evaporator Is Leaking?

An evaporator coil is present in almost every cooling system. This coil is responsible for rotating the refrigerant inside your system in loops. This loop movement is responsible for cooling the air in your room. It is easy for anyone to panic once they find their evaporator leaking! You can avoid this tiny panic attack by following these tips and identifying if there are any leaks in the evaporator beforehand.

How Are These Leaks Formed?

Before we get into the tips, let us see how leaks happen in the first place. The refrigerant is used to absorb the heat from the air in your room. The cleaning products, air fresheners, and other chemicals in your room have Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) that, when combined with moisture in the air cause leaks in your evaporator coil. These leaks are formed in the form of tiny holes which are also causing your refrigerant to leak. These holes are very small and hence difficult to detect. This is the reason many HVAC system users fail to identify the leaks.

Longer Cooling Times

When you find that your cooling system is taking a longer cooling time than average to cool your home, then there might be an evaporator leak causing this disturbance. If the refrigerant is leaking out of the system, this causes an additional load on the cooling system. When there isn’t enough refrigerant, AC usually takes a lot of time to work at desired temperatures. Due to this additional load and stress on the system, the device may not perform in its peak stage and give out uncomfortable temperatures.

Weak Airflow

The cooling system in your home should blow out cold air immediately as soon as you turn on the device. This should be the case even when you lower the thermostat. If the cold air is not blown out immediately there might be a refrigerant leak. Their refrigerant leaks are also the reason for weaker airflow. You might not be able to enjoy the device’s full performance during refrigerant leaks and end up with weak airflow. You can contact an expert for your problem by searching for an air conditioning contractor near me online where you can find many Gaithersburg air conditioning services offering websites.

Warm Air From Vents

It is never a good sign to have warm air coming out of your device. The main purpose of your cooling system is to reduce the temperature in your home. If this purpose is not fulfilled, it is a sure sign of damage. Many other signs like noises from your AC, bad odors, and frozen evaporator coil will also indicate an evaporator leak. It is in your best interests to turn off the device and call for a Gaithersburg air conditioning expert to solve your problem.

If you find any of these signs in the working of your cooling device, it is time to call us at (301) 774-4200. Our team at ADI Heating & Air provides you with the most reliable Gaithersburg air conditioning services at reasonable prices.

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