AC Service In Olney, MD, And Surrounding Areas

The air conditioner in your home requires routine AC service in Olney, MD, to perform correctly. After a few months of use, the primary components of your air conditioner may no longer be as effective as they once were. Routine cleaning of your air conditioner should go without saying. The AC may stop working entirely if it is not maintained and repaired properly. A good air conditioning service in Olney, MD, can help you save money on expensive repairs.

What is included in AC service and maintenance?

  • Drainage cleaning and checking for leaks: During air conditioning maintenance, the technician will inspect the unit for pooling or dripping water. In addition, he examines the interior of the air conditioning unit for leaks emanating from the tubes and pipelines.
    To avoid the issue of water leaking from the air conditioner, the technician will clean the drain and remove any dirt or debris that may be blocking it when repairing the air conditioner.

  • Conducting maintenance on the unclean air filters: During typical use, an air filter can accumulate a substantial amount of dust and debris that must be removed and cleaned. Dusty air filters are responsible for several difficulties, including ice formation and inadequate cooling.
    While performing air conditioning service in Olney, MD, the technician will wash and clean the air filter. During the maintenance conducted on an air conditioner, the condenser fins will also be washed and cleaned to eliminate any built-up mold and dirt.

  • Necessary repairs: When you schedule air conditioning service in Olney, MD, you can expect to receive the services we’ve already outlined, such as inspecting the equipment and cleaning the system’s various components. Even with routine maintenance, HVAC system components eventually deteriorate.
    Your technician should be able to replace broken parts and perform repairs on the same day as your planned maintenance visit. If you perform maintenance on your system twice a year, it will reduce repairs and be more efficient.

  • Inspection of the condensate drain line: Clearing the condensate line ensures that your air conditioner can drain liquid condensate effectively. If your drain line becomes clogged, water leaks, and other problems related to moisture and dampness may follow.
    Cleaning your condensate drain eliminates any mold and bacteria that may have developed around your drain line. Your specialist will also inspect your condensate drain pipe for cracks and will repair it.

  • Vent cleaning: Vent cleaning is an often overlooked chore despite its importance, and it should be performed at least once every three months. It helps to retain the efficiency of your air conditioner and reduce the number of allergens and dust circulating throughout your home.
    The cleaning technique is not unduly complicated. Remove the vents by unscrewing their screws and taking them out, then wipe them with a soft cloth to remove any residue that could reduce their efficiency.


For AC service in Olney, MD, choosing only a professional who can be relied upon and has prior experience in the area cannot be understated. ADI Heating and Air Conditioning is your ‘go-to’ service for AC related services, we are happy to assist you to keep your home and family members cool and comfortable throughout the summer. Contact us at (301)774-4200 today!