How Do You Know When Your Heater Needs Service?

If one thing matters in your home during winter, it is your heating system, which is why you should keep your heater in the best condition possible. If you reside in the area, you should opt for a professional heating repair service in Olney, MD, when your furnace system is indicating signs of wear and tear. The more you tend to the heating system regularly, the better service it will provide for you and your family.

Top signs that your system is due for a service

Maintenance is significant for any furnace to work throughout the winter. Every heating system needs to go through efficient repair service multiple times. Otherwise, it won’t be able to provide a comfortable atmosphere at home. Many homeowners deliberately delay the servicing to save money, which is where people make mistakes. Below are some top signs that your heating needs efficient service:

  • Uneven Temperature Distribution Across Your Home

A heater should work evenly and provide equal temperature across your house. However, you can blame the thermostat if you start getting cold spots in different parts of your house. At this point, inspect the thermostat setting and set it to the Heat option. If this is not the case, you must contact our professional service as soon as possible.

  • Degraded Indoor Air Quality

You can understand the furnace needs an efficient service when the indoor quality decreases. The furnace filters are responsible for keeping the indoor air fresh and germ-free. However, if you don’t keep the filters at least every three months, you will not feel comfortable sitting inside your home. You should contact our professional heating maintenance service in Olney, MD, to inspect and replace the filters for better indoor air.

  • Skyrocketing Energy Bill

Many homeowners don’t understand the heating system can increase your utility bill. However, such a condition only arises when the furnace consumes more energy than it requires to keep you warm. Our professionals believe a heating system doesn’t need to overwork for a comfortable indoor environment. Overworking is a sign more than one part inside the system has worn out or loosened due to constant usage.

  • Unusual Pilot Light

The furnace flame indicates the condition of the system. If the system produces yellow light instead of blue light, you can rest assured something is wrong with your system. Such a condition indicates the presence of rust or dirt in the burner. You should contact our expert heating repair service in Olney to look into this matter.

  • Cold Air Coming Out of the System

Your system should not produce cold air even though the thermostat setting is fixed to the heat option. In such a condition, you can inspect whether the filters are dirty, the ducts are faulty, or the flame is ON. If everything checks out, you should call our heating system expert as early as possible.


The heating system can break down or stop working for multiple reasons. However, if you fail to take care of it initially, your system will face problems consistently. Get our professional heating maintenance service in Olney, MD, at least once a year, and live comfortably.

You can contact ADI Heating & Air for top-notch heating services that are affordable and fast. We believe in providing the best service in the region. Call us at 301-774-4200.

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