How To Extend The Life Of Your AC Unit?

Your home’s air conditioner is a significant purchase that will serve you well for a substantial number of years. To ensure that your air conditioner operates at its maximum capacity, you should service and maintain it regularly for optimal performance.

5 Ways to lengthen the life of your air conditioner

  • Get regular AC tune-ups: Routine air conditioner maintenance, such as tune-ups, is crucial for extending the life of the device. Your system will remain in excellent condition if you undertake regular maintenance. Before the warmer months of the year arrive and your system is used more frequently, spring is typically the best time to have your system tuned up.
    When you contact professionals for AC installation in Olney, MD, they will run a comprehensive inspection of all of the system’s components, clean them, and fix any potential issues you may be having. It is essential to undertake preventative maintenance to save money on future repairs.

  • Replace the air filter: A properly maintained air filter ensures appropriate airflow throughout a structure (residential or commercial). Additionally, the free flow of air prevents potentially dangerous substances from entering the atmosphere. When there is sufficient airflow, the air conditioner’s sensors function when necessary rather than at regular intervals.
    In addition, when the inner components are not covered with dirt and grime, it is not feasible for a mechanical issue to emerge. It should be specified on the package that comes with your air filter how often it should be cleaned or replaced.

  • Utilize a programmable thermostat: If you can raise the temperature overnight or when no one is home, you may be able to reduce your monthly electricity expenditure significantly.
    You may configure a programmable thermostat to return your home to a comfortable temperature after getting an air conditioning installation in Olney, MD, relieving you of the obligation of manually regulating the temperature as needed.

  • Outdoor unit examination: The outdoor unit, commonly referred to as a condenser in more generic terms, is the main workhorse of your air conditioning system. During severe weather, debris and stones can become lodged inside the unit.
    This debris can then cause the fan to malfunction and may cause damage to the pipes or a leak if it obstructs the fan while functioning. Do a visual assessment of the unit after a storm to check for visible damage signs, especially before the heating and cooling season begins.

  • Observe appropriate condenser maintenance: Your condenser is placed outside of the residence. As a result, it is subject to damage during extreme weather or from wind-borne debris. Examine it frequently and remove any overgrown grass and trash.
    Additionally, tree roots and plants that are planted too closely can cause damage to the unit. Maintain a constant watch on the landscape, ensuring proper drainage and eyeing for rust and other damage.


Look for the assistance of a skilled professional to maximize the return on investment by ensuring that your air conditioner continues to work at peak efficiency. Contact ADI Heating and Air Conditioning immediately to schedule service for all HVAC services, including AC installation in Olney, MD.

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