How To Tell When Your Thermostat Is Bad?

An HVAC thermostat keeps your home comfortable in all kinds of weather by communicating with your HVAC system and controlling it accordingly. Further, you don’t want a broken thermostat during the extreme summers and winters. ADI Heating and Air Conditioning are a reliable heating and cooling company that can help solve your diverse HVAC needs, providing heating repair Olney MD and the surrounding areas. Get in touch if you require assistance.

When do you need to update your thermostat?

  • It is Old and Out of Date

The thermostat in your heating and cooling system is designed to last many years, but can sometimes fail to operate. Although your thermostat is still functioning correctly despite its age, it will eventually begin to fail and may even stop functioning altogether.

In addition to being less energy-efficient, older thermostats are also more expensive to operate. You should contact an HVAC service immediately for thermostat replacement if you want to reduce your electricity bills and increase your system’s efficiency.

  • You Cannot Program Your Thermostat

It would not work accurately even after maintenance on a non-programmable heater. Due to this, installing a new thermostat is the only way to resolve the issue.

  • Your HVAC is Constantly Short-Cycling

Short cycling occurs in heating and cooling systems when the generator turns on and off rapidly. The problem could be caused by a too large heating and cooling system. Alternatively, the thermostat may not be sending the correct signals.

  • Blank Thermostat Screen

After changing the batteries, replace the thermostat if the display is unlit or the screen is empty. It is advisable to contact a professional heating and air conditioning maintenance service. Changing a few things and cleaning dusty wires can fix a problem with a power switch.

  • Your HVAC Does Not Turn On or Off

If a thermostat’s circuits are broken, it will have an adverse effect on the thermostat’s ability to control your heating and cooling. The thermostat’s primary function is to interact with and send signals to your HVAC system.

  • High Energy Costs

You may also notice increased power bills if your thermostat is malfunctioning. Over time, a faulty thermostat may result in an inefficient heating and cooling system. The device might turn on irregularly because it cannot access the thermostat settings.

  • Inaccurate Unit Readings

If your space does not feel as warm or cold as the temperature displayed on the thermostat, the temperature displayed on your heating and cooling system’s thermostat will be inaccurate. Your thermostat might occasionally experience technical issues, just like any other gadget.

It won’t be able to gauge temperatures or deliver reliable data if its application malfunctions. Get a thermometer for air conditioning, place it next to the thermostat, and compare the results. The thermostat should then be re-calibrated using the thermometer readings and the user manual.


Having a properly working thermostat is essential. Replacing a normal thermostat with a smart thermostat could also be beneficial, as you can control it via your mobile phone. Look for the best HVAC services around you that can guide you through a thermostat’s purchasing and installation processes.

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