Importance Of Furnace Cleaning

If you’re experiencing issues with your furnace, such as low heating, uneven heating, strange noises or smells, short cycling, poor indoor air quality, or high energy expenses, furnace cleaning may be a solution. Furnace cleaning is typically included in seasonal maintenance services and is essential to maintain the health and efficiency of your furnace. 

Dirt and debris can cause furnace failures and increase the need for furnace repairs in Olney, MD. By keeping your furnace clean, you can improve indoor air quality, protect your health, and extend the lifespan of your furnace.

Benefits of furnace cleaning

A clean furnace unit works more efficiently and provides healthier air. Your indoor air quality, comfort, and furnace mechanism highly depend on its cleaning. If you keep the system clean, you get the following benefits:

Prevents health risks: A dirty furnace will never blow clean air. Headache, throat irritation, allergies, etc., act as an alarm for deteriorating air quality. If clean, the furnace filter traps all the dirt particles that can cause the above mentioned health issues. Therefore, a furnace unit should always have clean filters to blow clean air and prevent several health issues.

  • Reduces energy consumption: If the furnace component like the pilot light, coils, air filters, and gas valve are accumulated with dirt, the heating mechanism gets blocked. The furnace had to work harder to provide the heating, consuming more electricity than required. However, if your furnace is clean, such problems will not occur.
  • Increased furnace life: A smoothly functioning furnace will require fewer repairs. Fewer heating repairs in Olney, MD, mean a higher lifespan. In short, cleaning the furnace will enhance its working capacity and life.

Furnace cleaning: When and how?

You don’t have to clean the furnace often. A deep cleaning twice a year is enough for a furnace mechanism. The best times to clean your heating unit are pre- and post-winter. 

The pre-winter furnace cleaning is essential as you will be using your furnace system soon, and it must blow clean and warm air efficiently and smoothly during winter.

Post-winter furnace cleaning is helpful because your furnace gathers plenty of dirt during the three months of winter. If you keep it OFF without cleaning it, the dirt will become more stubborn and damage the furnace components.

The air filter replacement is also a part of furnace cleaning. If you already have a purifier at home, the air filter will last a long time. The air purifier already removes all the dirt particles from the air, so the furnace filter has to work a little less. In this case, you can replace your furnace filter once in 90 days.

A home with more than four family members and pets needs air filter replacement once every 30 days. Therefore, it’s recommended to schedule a furnace cleaning and reduce the need for heating repairs in Olney, MD.

To sum up

DIY heater cleaning will not be as efficient as a professional cleaning service because of the absence of professional cleaning tools and expertise. Hire a skilled professional for furnace cleaning at ADI Heating & Air

We provide various HVAC services, from seasonal maintenance to furnace repair, in Olney, MD. Call or email us now to schedule a professional furnace cleaning service.

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