I am especially pleased with my newly installed HVAC system designed and installed by Mr. Ronen Chazoom and his assistant Jose of ADI Heating & AC, LLC. Mr. Chazoom engineered a customized and right-sized complete whole house HVAC system to bring my 72 year-old cape cod style house in Silver Spring Maryland up to 21st century standards incorporating the highest energy efficiency and performance components for heating, cooling, humidification, dehumidification, and air filtration all at a superb value. The whole system is controlled and monitored for maximum comfort and efficiency by a high tech slim-line comfort module thermostat, which floats on the wall.

He even installed a European style super high efficiency ductless supplemental heat pump system to solve a unique heating and cooling weakness in my second floor master bedroom, which now for the first time since I have lived in this house keeps this room wonderfully comfortable with quiet efficiency.

ADI do their own sheet metal fabrication so on installation day they provided custom built components to transition from my new (smaller) system to the existing ductwork based on pre-installation measurements (it looks so nice).

Not only was I impressed by Mr. Chazoom’s craftsmanship, expert skills and his attention to detail and ability to adapt to unanticipated issues during the installation but he also exhibited a strong sense of honesty, trustworthiness, and integrity that instilled in me a confidence that this system would hold up and perform superbly for many years going forward.

Just to recap: After six weeks of detailed research and obtaining multiple bids from highly regarded competitors I could not be more pleased with the performance, efficiency, and value my new whole house HVAC system engineered and installed by ADI and am confident it will meet my needs for at least the next two decades.