These Sounds Mean You Need an AC Repair

An air conditioner should give you peace of mind, comfort, and respite and shouldn’t disturb you with strange noises. There can be several causes for the sounds. In this post, we’ll go over the many indications and causes of a noisy air conditioner and what you can do to get it serviced for AC repair in Gaithersburg, MD.

These Sounds Mean You Need an AC Repair:

  • Screeching: Your fan motor bearings may have cracked if your appliance produces a screaming noise that sounds like metal rubbing against metal. Even if there is no immediate threat, you should try to turn off your HVAC system until a specialist can visit your home. Continued use of the appliance may result in further issues.

  • Humming: A buzzing or humming sound is typically caused by an electrical issue with your air conditioner. Humming may signify frayed cables, faulty hardware, or a malfunctioning blower motor.

  • Screaming: A refrigerant leak is the only possible explanation for an air conditioner’s high-pitched screaming or whistling. This is a very dangerous air conditioning problem that you must fix immediately since it might harm not only the machine but also the health of your family. Please switch off the device and wait for an air conditioning specialist to examine it for problems before utilizing it

  • Clanking: Your air conditioner’s unwelcome clanking noise is an indication that the compressor may be loose and needs to be replaced. This could have caused the internal sealed unit to fail, which is out of your control to fix. The other possibility is that the fan blades are causing a commotion by being out of balance and striking areas of the air conditioner that shouldn’t be. If these issues are not resolved by a qualified air conditioner specialist promptly, they may become more serious.

  • Hissing: Your air conditioner may hiss due to a defective valve, duck leak, or air filter condition. The noise is typically an indication of a refrigerant leak. The coolant or refrigerant circulates in a closed loop in an air conditioner.
    However, with time, the copper lines and coils that carry it deteriorate, allowing the refrigerant to leak. The leak produces a hissing sound because of the increased internal pressure in the coil. It has the impression that a balloon is losing air.

  • Thwapping: The easiest way to describe this sound is that it sounds a lot like a playing card sound when inserted into the spokes of a bicycle tire when you’re a kid. This is typically a sign that something is lodged in the blower blades or that the blower is touching anything within the housing as it turns.


Having your air conditioner professionally maintained and inspected every year in air conditioning repair in Gaithersburg is the best way to avoid issues that might cause it to produce strange noises or malfunction. 
Your noisy air conditioner compressor or unit will be repaired and maintained by our knowledgeable and amiable team of air conditioning specialists at ADI Heating & Air, allowing you to sleep and resume working on your duties in peace.

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