What Temperature Should I Set For My Easy Press?

An easy press is a tool that is a perfect combination of heat press and iron to work magic on your everyday wear clothes. If you love to infuse art and creativity on boring plain T-shirts or totes, the easy press is a great tool you can use to make it interesting.

Knowing how to operate the Easy Press device is essential to ensuring 100% success and outstanding results. Our heating maintenance experts in Olney, MD, have got you!

What temperature is the best to set on the easy press machine?

According to our experts, the temperature and time settings will differ according to the type of fabric and heat transfer vinyl. We recommend that the temperature be 335 °F if you use easy weed vinyl.

The idea is to increase the temperature by 35 F from the suggested heat press settings. You can lower the temperature and increase the timing if you have a heat-sensitive fabric where the temperature should not exceed the mentioned temperature.

According to our furnace service experts in Olney, MD, if you use 3D technology with the easy press to add dimension to your graphic design, then keep the temperature at 340 F for five seconds and 20 seconds for the peel carrier. Increase the timing or try a cold peel if the vinyl is not sticking.

Why is an easy press machine a better option?

People love investing in an easy press machine rather than the home iron for heat transfer vinyl projects due to the lack of steam holes.

Apart from its light-weighted and easy to carry features, the smooth plate of the easy press machine will not leave an impression on the cloth. Moreover, you can adjust the time and temperature digitally as per your project requirements.

Expert tips to efficiently use the easy press

Here are some tips that you should keep in mind while using the Easy Press to improve the results: 

  • Always work on a smooth flat surface.

    According to our furnace service experts in Olney, MD, it is best to use the easy press machine on a smooth, flat surface if you want to avoid any problems during the heat vinyl transfer. Make enough space before plugging in the device to ensure you can easily apply pressure to the project.

  • Preheat the surface.

    According to professional crafters, it is essential to pre-press the fabric, remove moisture, and smooth the wrinkles. 

  • Remember to use a protective sheet.

    Use a Teflon sheet to protect your project and the easy press machine because of the high temperatures on the easy press machine for sublimation projects.  

  • Pressure is the key to successful vinyl transfer.

    The key to successfully and perfectly transferring the vinyl onto the fabric is to apply the right pressure using the handle for the transfer. 

  • Ensure the vinyl transfer is centered.

    You can use a sewing ruler or make dots using a washable circuit pen to ensure you transfer the vinyl clearly and correctly to the center of the project.

To conclude

A perfect combination of time, temperature, and pressure will help with good adhesion and clean transfer of the vinyl. If you want to buy an easy press or are facing issues operating the easy press machine, contact 301-774-4200! ADI Heating and Air Conditioning heating maintenance experts in Olney, MD, will resolve your query promptly and effectively.

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